Hayes for Maine | Independent Governor 2018

Help Terry Qualify for Clean Elections by March 31st
URGENT: Take action to help Terry get big money out of politics!
We've had enough fighting. We need a Governor who will bring people together and solve problems.
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Terry is comitted to running a “clean campaign” funded by the people, not special interests! Here’s how you can support Terry:
Make a $5 Qualifying Contribution

Terry is commited to getting big money out of politics. By making a $5 "Qualifying contribution" through the Maine Ethics Commission, you can help Terry to qualify and run a "clean" campaign for Governor. We need 3,200 Maine voters to make a $5 qualifying contribution by March 31, 2018.

Make a $5 Qualifying Contribution
Contribute Seed Money

Terry’s campaign operates on only “seed money” contributions until April 2018, which is when the first disbursement is made from the Clean Elections Fund. Between now and then, please consider a seed money contribution of up to $100 to help Terry travel across the state and meet face-to-face with voters.

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