Hayes for Maine | Independent Governor 2018

Letter: "Hayes will bring improvement"

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I am a mediator, attorney and an artist living in Auburn. As a mediator, I understand the value of folks coming together to discuss their disagreements and meet common goals.

I am dismayed and disheartened by the current political climate, which seems to be fraught with lies, back-biting and vicious attacks, on both the state and federal levels.

I am hoping that the next election will be a catalyst for positive change. That is why I am voting for Terry Hayes, independent for governor. As a legislator, Hayes worked to reach compromise whenever possible.

As my former business partner, I saw her many times try to help families in crisis work together for the sake of their children. And, as a friend, I know her as someone who can be trusted.

Those people who want to see an improvement in Augusta (and Maine) should consider voting for Terry Hayes.

Tracy Arietti, Auburn