Making Our Political System Work For Maine People


Terry Hayes is Maine’s first independent State Treasurer and a candidate to become Maine’s Governor in 2018. As an independent, Clean Elections candidate Terry isn’t backed by any political party or beholden to any special interests.

Terry is one of us, for us.

 “I’m running for Governor to create opportunity and prosperity for every man, woman, and child in the State of Maine,” says Terry. “We have everything that we need to succeed. Now, it’s time to put partisanship aside, roll up our sleeves, and get the job done.”



Terry is running as a Clean Elections candidate so she can focus on listening to the concerns and hopes and dreams of Mainers. The first step toward qualifying is to raise $200K in "seed money" from friends and fellow Mainers.


The heart of this grassroots campaign is all about making the political system work for Maine people, which means you have a vital role to play. Join Team Terry to help get the word out and connect with voters in your community.