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Letter: "Hayes for Governor"

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I’m supporting Terry Hayes for governor. For as long as she’s been involved in politics, I’ve appreciated Hayes’ nonpartisan approach and her genuine efforts to assist with the real problems of her constituents. Hayes’ independent, common-sense stance on issues has always rung true to me.

In the course of her work in state government, she’s earned the respect of many people, regardless of their party affiliation. She was twice elected by Democrats and Republicans to be Maine state treasurer. That says a lot about her character and also about her potential as an effective leader.

Hayes is serious about getting big money out of politics and is running as a Clean Elections candidate. I’ve especially appreciated her consistent advocacy for ranked-choice voting.

Hayes’ record demonstrates that, as governor, she would approach things creatively and with common sense, not from extreme ideology or partisanship.

If elected, I believe she would be able to achieve real progress for Maine. Hayes would be a governor for all Mainers, and she would conduct the office with an intelligence, grace and civility that would make us all proud.

Bill Carsley, South Paris

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