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Letter: "Hayes for Governor"

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Terry Hayes held a round-table discussion at our bookstore/wine-bar, Turn the Page in Millinocket. Not only did I deeply appreciate the open-minded and considerate approach Hayes brought to the meeting, but I was struck by her disarming and down-to-earth nature, warm disposition and ability to connect with people of differing backgrounds.

Not only was she aware of all the major issues facing our state, but she was highly informed about each issue. For every issue that was brought to the table, Hayes was able to articulate its impact on our society, as well as how we might all come together to discover solutions. It was evident that her intentions in becoming governor are not driven by the desire for power, but by altruism and a desire to improve the quality of life in our state.

As she so humbly stated in our discussion, “If I’m the smartest person in the room then we have a problem.”

I can only extol further on Hayes’ virtues by pointing out that she transcends the rancor, divisiveness and contentiousness so prevalent in two-party politics. Hayes is running as an independent. She isn’t wasting her time with a broken system that serves to polarize rather than to bridge. She is running a clean elections campaign because she wants to be elected by the people and on their terms.

Ashley Wells, Millinocket

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