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Letter: "Hayes a true leader"

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I am a new resident in Maine. My family moved here for the lifestyle, and we are loving it. We do need to be more competitive, and I think Terry Hayes can provide the required leadership we need.

Hayes, an independent, has identified partisanship as the biggest problem in Augusta. Fortunately, over the years as a state representative and now as state treasurer, she has earned the trust and support of policymakers on both side of the aisle, so she is the most well-positioned candidate to work with all stakeholders and make significant headway on the problem. She believes the solution begins with leveling the playing field during election season, and her entire campaign models this aspiration. She walks the walk.

She is a fervent supporter of ranked-choice voting because she believes the negative campaigning and lack of choices in the current system foster the divisive climate in the State House.

Overall, Hayes believes process matters. How we do things matters. The overarching goal beyond the end to partisanship is more transparency, accountability and collaboration in Augusta so that voters can believe in the efficacy and efficiency of government again.

All specific policy proposals and aspirations related to the economy, education, infrastructure flow from making these structural fixes once and for all. That’s why she is so focused on election reform. So, I will be voting for Hayes for governor in November.

William Allen

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