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Letter: As governor, Terry Hayes could help repair our broken political system

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Today’s political system is fundamentally broken. How can we make progress on issues if we can’t see past our political affiliations and start a dialogue? As a state representative and then state treasurer, Terry Hayes worked across the aisle and brought civil discourse back to Augusta.

Terry, an independent, wants to find solutions that will benefit all Mainers regardless of their party affiliation. She is passionate about the unique opportunities we have in this state and how we can leverage those into a greater return on investment. She supports and participates in the Maine Clean Election Act, which allows candidates to campaign on the issues that impact our communities and not on special interests and rhetoric.

By normalizing the influence of special interest and partisanship, we are crafting a bleak future for our children. Terry’s views and values give me hope in our political process, which is why I support her candidacy for governor.

Matthew Pillsbury


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