Hayes for Maine | Independent for Governor

Poll: Hayes-45%, Moody-19%, Mills-19%

Terry Hayes leads the race for Governor by 26-points among those voters who are familiar with all three candidates.

According to a Slingshot Strategies poll, Maine voters are familiar with both Shawn Moody and Janet Mills, but only 25% of those surveyed knew that Terry is an option in this race. That's neither surprising nor unusual given that our independent campaign did not spend $500,000 on advertising earlier this year to win a primary election.

Labor Day marks the beginning of the general election campaign and our opportunity to introduce Terry to all Maine voters. We're implementing an aggressive paid and earned media strategy, but we need your help now to give Maine voters a better choice. 

According to a Triton poll for Unite America, 73% of Maine voters said they would be open to supporting an independent candidate for Governor, including 55% of Republicans, 67% of Democrats, and 98% of independents. Maine voters are hungry for real change in Augusta, and they know that electing another Democrat or Republican as Governor just means more of the same.

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