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Update from Terry: Negative Campaigning

I have never participated in a negative ad, and I never will.

It’s the start of the general election campaign season and there’s something that I need you to know about me: I have never participated in a negative ad, and I never will.

Never-ending, negative campaigning has been a barrier to Maine’s success. It’s a direct result of the corrosive influences of partisanship and money in politics. I won’t participate in that. Instead, I will talk straight and tell you the truth.

This election is an opportunity for us to acknowledge that no one group of people in our state has all the right answers, and that governing, when done well, is a collaborative process.

My personal motto, “How we do things matters,” has helped me remain grounded and focused on getting better outcomes for the Maine people. As your State Treasurer, I have avoided issuing attacks against other elected officials based on our policy disagreements because governing by press release isn’t governing and going tit-for-tat on the front page of the newspaper doesn’t solve problems. Instead, I have worked with Governor LePage and lawmakers in both parties to help right Maine’s finances.

Rather than contributing to the partisan bickering and score-keeping in Augusta, I spent my time in the Maine Legislature getting Republican and Democratic lawmakers around the same table to review shared data and talk about our common goals. That’s why so many of them voted for me to serve as Maine’s first independent State Treasurer. Despite my not being a member of either party, they trust me to rise above the fray and do the job.

Help me to become your next Governor, and I will make you proud. I will lead with integrity, model civility, put people over partisanship, and roll up my sleeves to get the job done. Together, we will unite Republicans, Democrats, and independents around shared goals to lower health care costs, prepare students for the jobs of today and tomorrow, attract and retain the skilled talent that we need to grow our economy, and keep Maine safe and beautiful.

Thank you,



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