Hayes for Maine | Independent for Governor

TV Ads: "A Better Choice," and "Do Things Differently"

The Hayes for Maine campaign announces its first major TV ad buy.

In the first ad, “A Better Choice,” Terry points to her no-nonsense, non-partisan approach to solving problems as Maine’s first independent State Treasurer. In the second spot, “Do Things Differently,” Terry identifies the problems of partisanship and the lack of civility in politics. In both ads, Terry offers voters a meaningful alternative to politics as usual in Augusta.

“These ads help to introduce me to Maine voters, many of whom will learn about me for the first time by watching them,” said Terry Hayes. “These ads give voters insight into my background, my values, and my collaborative approach to solving problems.”

Internal campaign polling shows that among voters who are familiar with all three candidates for Governor, Terry leads the race by 26-points. This ad buy is designed to introduce Terry to the 75% of voters who don't yet know that she is an option, but who prefer her when they do.

“I am running for Governor to offer Maine voters the meaningful choice to cast their ballot for an experienced, independent, and courageous leader who puts people over partisanship and rolls up her sleeves to solve problems,” added Hayes.

Maine’s only independent, Clean Elections candidate for Governor, Terry is beholden only to the people, and not to party leaders, special interests, or wealthy campaign contributors.

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