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Endorsements: Terry Unites Ds and Rs

Six former Democratic and Republican lawmakers endorse Terry Hayes for Governor.

NEW ENDORSEMENTS: Today, three former Democratic lawmakers and three former Republican lawmakers joined together to back Terry’s independent, Clean Elections bid for Governor.

  • Hon. Dennis Damon, former Democratic State Senator from Trenton

  • Hon. Bobbi Beavers, former Democratic State Representative from South Berwick

  • Hon. Leila J. Percy, former Democratic State Representative from Phippsburg

  • Hon. David Cotta, former Republican State Representative from China

  • Hon. Gary Knight, former Republican State Representative from Livermore Falls

  • Hon. Windol Weaver, former Republican State Representative from York

“I can’t think of anyone more qualified to be Governor and end the partisan bickering that is hurting us,” said former State Senator Dennis Damon, “Terry’s thoughtful approach to issues will serve all of Maine well in the Blaine House.”

“Terry understands the challenges facing our state,” said former State Representative Gary Knight. “The next occupant in the Blaine House needs to bring our state back together to address our healthcare crisis, drug epidemic, and workforce development issues while bringing economic and fiscal stability to government. Terry is that person."

"Problems aren’t partisan. Solutions shouldn’t be either,” said Terry in a statement to reporters. “I am honored by the support of my Republican and Democratic colleagues. People across Maine are stopping me on the streets to tell me that they had seen my ads on TV and they were excited to have a better choice in this election.”

Last week, our campaign began airing two new TV ads, "A Better Way" and "Do Things Differently" that are sharing Terry's positive message with voters and building momentum across Maine, as evidenced by these endorsements and others.

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