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Being a GAL helped prepare me for this

How we do things matters. I'm running to be Maine’s next Governor because I love our state and I know that we can do better.


Fellow Mainers --

I worked for twenty-eight years in the trenches as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) for Maine's court system helping adults learn to parent and co-parent their children in ways that reduced the negative impacts of divorce, abuse, and neglect. I saw the negative impacts on children and families when parents competed instead of collaborated with their co-parents. This behavior pattern significantly increased costs and reduced positive outcomes.

Similar conflict and negative outcomes exist in government today. The paradigm of liberal vs. conservative, Republican vs. Democrat, majority vs. minority is crippling government. Campaigns have become so negative that the winners can't transition to governing collaboratively. Instead, they are fixated on the next election.

My experience as a Guardian ad Litem helped me to become an inclusive and pragmatic problem solver. It shaped my passion for promoting civility and finding commonality across party lines in my roles as a State Representative and as Maine’s State Treasurer. With your support and help, I will bring this same approach to my work as Maine's next Governor. 

-- Terry

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