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Hayes and Sweet: Get Big Money Out of Politics

The independent and Democratic candidates make $5 contributions to help one another qualify for Clean Elections, and demonstrate support for voter-approved campaign finance reform


AUBURN AND HALLOWELL – State Treasurer Terry Hayes of Buckfield is Maine’s independent, Clean Elections candidate for Governor. Progressive advocate Betsy Sweet of Hallowell is Maine’s Democratic, Clean Elections candidate for Governor. Despite the different letters that appear after their names and their policy differences, Terry and Betsy are friends and they share a common goal of getting big money out of politics. That’s why they’ve each contributed $5 to help one another qualify for Clean Elections.

“It’s time to get big money out of politics so democracy can be put back in the hands of ordinary people not big donors and their interests,” said Betsy.

“As a Clean Elections candidate, I am not beholden to wealthy donors or special interests lobbyists, only to the Maine people,” added Terry.

As both Betsy and Terry campaign, they hear repeatedly that people want money out of politics. Even the vast majority of candidates who are running talk about curbing money’s influence in politics. But these two women are actually doing it.

Terry and Betsy agree that the Governor and the Legislature should respect the will of the Maine people, who twice voted at the ballot box for Clean Elections. Both candidates have also been outspoken in their support for voter-approved Ranked Choice Voting and the People’s Veto campaign to restore election reform.

Betsy and Terry are seeking to raise awareness about the opportunity that Maine people have right now to demonstrate support for the Clean Elections program by helping them qualify to run “clean” campaigns. Maine voters who wish to join Terry and Betsy in getting big money out of politics can make $5 qualifying contributions to their campaigns at maine.gov/cleanelections.

Maine can lead the nation in turning politics around and giving democracy back to the people.

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