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More than 1,300 real people contribute to help get big money out of politics

More than 1,300 real people have already contributed to help State Treasurer Terry Hayes qualify for Clean Elections

Auburn, Maine – More than 1,300 people have contributed to help Maine’s first independent State Treasurer Terry Hayes qualify to run a “Clean” campaign for Governor and fix a broken system. As a Clean Elections candidate, Terry is running a campaign that is funded by real people, not parties or PACs, as demonstrated by the campaign’s most recent financial disclosure report.

“We’re running a different kind of campaign because I will be a different kind of Governor – one who is beholden only to Maine people, not to party leaders, special interests, or wealthy donors,” said Treasurer Hayes. “Maine people are getting involved in our campaign because we share their values of common sense, hard work, and independence, and their strongly held belief that it’s time to put people over partisanship.”

Al Bancroft is a Republican from Paris who has been going door to door in freezing temperatures to help Terry qualify for Clean Elections because, “Terry is the real deal. Democrats and Republicans twice elected Terry to be Maine’s first independent State Treasurer because they trust her to pay the bills on time, and that’s what she’s doing.”

Rachel Collamore from Damariscotta said, “I am a working mother who is waitressing to put myself through school while raising four kids. Terry knows what that’s like, and she’s inspired me to get involved and help get big money out of politics. That’s why I’m collecting $5 contributions to help the campaign quality for Clean Elections.”

Terry’s campaign is eligible to receive $2 million under the Clean Elections program. That makes her a strong contender to become Maine’s next Governor against the partisan candidates when they finally emerge from crowded primaries. However, at same time, how she’s running her campaign and funding it demonstrates her commitment to fixing politics and putting power back in the hands of people. The deadline to qualify for Clean Elections is April 2, 2018.

“The most that any Mainer can contribute to our campaign is $105,” said Deputy Campaign Manager Kaitlin LaCasse, making reference to the $100 “seed money” that individuals may contribute by the April 2, 2018 deadline, and to the $5 qualifying contributions that individuals can give through October to help Terry run a “Clean” campaign. LaCasse added, “With most of the two dozen partisan candidates running for Governor raking in $3,000 contributions from corporations and special interests groups, the contrast is clear.”

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