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Hayes Statement on State of the State Address

Hayes calls for putting people over partisanship, and inviting young Mainers to join the conversation ahead of tonight’s State of the State Address

AUBURN, MAINE – State Treasurer Terry Hayes, Maine’s only non-partisan constitutional officer and Clean Elections candidate for Governor will be hosting a high school senior from Bonny Eagle High School at tonight’s address. ”To keep our young people in Maine, we need to invite them to join the conversation and help shape Maine’s future because it’s their future,” said Hayes.

Governor LePage’s final address to the legislature is expected to cover similar themes from his administration around taxes and welfare reform. Hayes has identified several key issues that will be Maine’s focus areas when she’s Governor.

Hayes Administration Policy Priorities

  1. Welcoming: Keep Maine’s young people here. Invite Mainers who’ve moved away to come home. Welcome skilled workers from across the country and around the world to join us as new Mainers.

  2. Skilled & Productive: Equip existing and future workers with the skills and tools that they need to be productive and competitive in the 21st century economy. That starts with education, especially raising 4th grade reading scores, and extends to retraining workers for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

  3. Connected: Improve Maine’s infrastructure and expand access to broadband to create new opportunities for businesses, entrepreneurs, and workers.

  4. Healthy: Develop and implement a statewide wellness and prevention plan to lower health care costs and improve access and quality of care for all Mainers.

Hayes credits the nonpartisan Maine Economic Growth Council for developing a blueprint to help grow Maine’s economy and improve the quality of life for all Maine people. A blueprint, she adds, that has been collecting dust in Augusta for the past decade because partisan and special interests have often trumped the common good.

“Partisanship is getting in the way of solving problems. That ends when I’m elected as Governor,” said Hayes. “Republicans and Democrats have twice elected me to serve as Maine’s first independent State Treasurer because they trust me to work with both sides and not pick favorites. That’s how I’ll lead as Governor, and get things done for the people.”

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