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Radio Ad: One Governor

Click here to listen to Terry's new radio ad, "One Governor."

The Hayes for Maine campaign is out with its first radio spot. Click here to listen.


Hi, I'm Terry Hayes, and I want to be your next Governor.

I believe Mainers deserve an experienced and independent leader. Someone who talks straight, who tells the truth, and who puts people over partisanship to solve problems.

As Maine's first-ever independent State Treasurer, I've worked with a Republican administration and with lawmakers in both parties to balance Maine's budget and to pay our bills on time, just like you do at home.

Now I'm running for Governor to unite Republicans and Democrats around common sense solutions -- solutions that will lower our health care costs, fix our infrastructure, and grow Maine's economy. 

You know, our problems aren't partisan, and the solutions shouldn't be either.

This November, we'll only elect ONE Governor, and it should be one who can unite Maine to lead our state in a bold new direction.

I'm Terry Hayes. I put people over partisanship to solve problems and I ask for your vote for Governor on November 6th.

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