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Letter: Hayes for governor

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As a former member of the Maine State Senate, I’m often asked who I am supporting for governor this year. My choice is clear: Terry Hayes.

I served with Hayes in the Legislature. She is pleasant, has common sense and is committed to serving the Maine people. She is the governor Maine needs — someone who is not primarily accountable to a political party, who will bring all sides together to make informed, thoughtful decisions for Maine.

The current political climate in Augusta has become polarized and extremely negative. The divisive dysfunction in the executive and legislative branches in Maine kept the Legislature in session five months beyond the statutory adjournment date resulting in inefficiency, waste and paralysis. This is a huge problem. It must stop.

Hayes and I served when we treated others with respect and civility, two things that need to be brought back to our government, elected officials and leadership. With Hayes at the helm, our ship will be on a better course and Maine will benefit.

Hayes is committed to addressing our health care concerns, fixing the ongoing deterioration of our transportation infrastructure, bringing broadband access to businesses throughout Maine, and as a former teacher, fighting for our educators to spend more time in their classrooms teaching so our kids can spend more time learning.

Maine deserves to have strong, independent leadership. For Maine government to change, we must change. I urge you to cast off your party label this one time and cast your vote for Hayes.

Dennis S. Damon


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