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Letter: As an independent, Hayes wouldn’t play partisan politics as governor

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I’ll be enthusiastically casting my vote for independent candidate Terry Hayes to be Maine’s next governor. Terry is the only choice who brings experience, intelligence and independence from big-money donors together in one package.

She’s focused only on what’s best for Maine – not partisan politics. I watched Terry work cooperatively with her colleagues from both sides of the aisle when she was a legislator. That’s why her Democratic and Republican peers chose her twice to be Maine’s first independent state treasurer.

We can’t take another four years under the petty, divisive and partisan pall that has settled over the State House. Terry Hayes is the only choice for Maine governor who’s proven that she’s willing to work independently and effectively with all legislators for the benefit of all Mainers. Vote civility. Vote independence. Vote Terry!

Alan Michka

Lexington Township

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