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Terry will be Maine’s “Measures of Growth” Governor, committed to bringing together Republicans, Democrats, and independents to use data to guide our policy work.


Terry Hayes is a no-nonsense, non-partisan leader who is running for Governor to unite Maine, fix a broken political system, and lead our state in a bold new direction. Terry talks straight and tells the truth, puts people over partisanship, and rolls up her sleeves to get the job done.

As Maine’s third independent and first Clean Elections Governor, Terry will be accountable only to Maine people, and not to party leaders, special interests, or wealthy donors. She is a proud, lifelong Mainer with a unifying vision for our state’s future where people are welcomed and connected, skilled and productive, healthy and well. Terry will build a team of the best and brightest people from across our state, regardless of party, to focus on lowering health care costs, growing Maine’s economy, preparing students for the jobs of today and tomorrow, and keeping our state beautiful, prosperous and safe for our children.

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“If we can gets folks pulling in the same direction, we’ll have a place where our children can stay, work, and raise their families. The path is lit for us, we just have to decide to walk it.”


In 1993, lawmakers created the nonpartisan Maine Economic Growth Council to develop a long-term economic development plan for our state. The 19 members of the Council are jointly appointed by Maine’s Governor, Speaker of the House, and President of the Senate, and they represent a variety of economic sectors across our state.

This is the 24th year that the Council has produced its annual report entitled “Measures of Growth,” which is the state’s taxpayer-funded blueprint to grow Maine’s economy and improve the quality of life for all Maine people. Typically, this report has been printed and placed on shelves, left to collect dust.

“Partisanship is preventing our elected leaders from solving problems. That ends when you elect me as Governor.”

In 2012, while serving in the Maine House, Terry started the Measures of Growth Caucus and brought together Republican, Democratic, and independent lawmakers to review data, discuss challenges and opportunities, and build consensus around focus areas and policy directions.

Terry will be Maine’s “Measures of Growth” Governor, committed to bringing together Republicans, Democrats, and independents to use data to guide our policy work.

“We’re going to bring together the best and brightest talent from across Maine, regardless of party, to focus on solving Maine’s toughest challenges and creating opportunity and prosperity for all our people.”

Terry is the only candidate for Governor with the experience, independence, and courage to lead Maine in a bold new direction. As a legislator and as Maine’s first independent State Treasurer, Terry has passionately advocated for greater civility in politics and government because how we do things matters. Terry is running for Governor to unite Mainers and move the needle on key metrics that we know will do the most good for the most people.

“Governing, when done well, is collaborative work. The choices that we make matter. How we do things matters. We are all neighbors. When we fail to govern effectively, we all suffer. We can’t afford four or eight more years of divisive partisanship in Augusta. We are all better than this.”