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It’s time for Maine to elect a governor beholden only to the people, not party leaders, special interests, or wealthy donors.

Terry Hayes is running as Maine’s only independent, Clean Elections candidate for Governor to put people over partisanship and to make Maine work for the people who live, work, raise their families, and pay taxes in our state.

More than 20 years ago, Maine voters approved Clean Elections to help get big money out of politics. Candidates like Terry can qualify for Clean Elections funding to run their campaigns by demonstrating enough support from Maine voters by collecting $5 contributions.

Unlike the other candidates who fund their campaigns with big checks from PACs, parties, and lobbyists, Clean Elections candidates like Terry agree to only accept $5 contributions from Maine voters. That means Terry is reliant solely on Mainers like you to help elect a Governor who will bring real change to Augusta.

We just need 600 Mainers to pledge to make a $5 qualifying contribution by 5:00 pm on October 16th to unlock $175,000!